Reserving your machine(s):

  • Choose the machine(s) that’s best for your event.  Call us if you are not sure.
  • Submit an online reservation.
  • Margaritas-2U will send you an estimate via email.
  • Once you confirm the estimate is what you want we will reserve your machine.  A simple reply to our email will reserve your machine.
  • Margaritas-2U will contact you a few days prior to your party to confirm you flavor choices and discuss a mutually agreeable delivery time (usually the day before your event or the morning of your event.)

Delivery Day:

  • We will text or call you about 20-30 minutes prior to arriving at your destination.
  • Margaritas-2U will set up the machine, show you how to make your frozen drink, and demonstrate how to work the machine.  We will leave written directions for you to reference (linked below.)
  • We also leave extra mix so the party keeps going – you only pay for what you use, we take back any un-opened mixes.  The cost of the extra mix is $20 per batch.  (Single machines include 1 mix and double machines include 2 mixes with your rental.)
  • We will discuss a mutually agreeable pick up time. (Usually the day after your party.)
  • Payment is due when we drop off the machine.  (Payment for additional mixes is due when we pick up the machine.
  • All you have to provide is the water, alcohol (if desired), and a standard household dedicated outlet.

We pick up and clean your machine!!

Single Machine Directions

Double Machine Directions